Welcome to Crazy server

Game now is on open stage.

Welcome to mu-online.lv

This server was open in: 31.01.2020*

This server all trading and market based on Zen, not credits and not donations. Server is total Free 4 play. No hidden deals.

On server we make 5 lvl of wing system, lot of new custom items more than 1000+, new quest systems, new mobs,

РAll Spots on all redone maps, from 4 to 6 mobs with 3 seconds respawn (best  performance)
– When creating new character, everyone starts with atk and def buffs for 1 day to aid their journey.
– Elf starts with arrow infinity buff to help in the beginning
– Added quests spread across the continent
– Added Quests for initial resets earning 3 day temporary items
– Patent system set up, reaching x resets will earn bonus on Goblin Points
– Event Quiz reformulated, with questions only regarding Mu Online, and no answer shown
– Redesigned Drop Event, now no more Kunduns drop and few jewels
– Configured and enhanced buff bots now give more buffs
– Now Potions come together only every 50
– Class Evolution Quest was difficult, item drop was too easy
– New Added Mini Boss, Gorgon | Ice Queen | Balrog | Zaikan | Hydra, all with msg when killed
– Initial drops set rings, ring lvl 40 wins rudolf 3 days, ring lvl 80 3kk zen
– Shop x configured and balanced for both donate and free players
– Event Classics like Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple awarding Goblin Points
– Online players earn 50Gps per hour and VIP users earn 75Gps per hour
– “Event Map” has been added to use for TxT, GxG and other events.
– Team vs Team event configured
– Guild vs Guild event set up to 5 guilds
– Added new Rankings in game: BC | DS | CC | IL | PVP | TVT | GVG | BATTLE ROYALE
– Multiple commands now with zen values, thus giving more value and currency
– Kanturu event drop has been changed, now only Boss Nightmare drops the items to avoid abuse
– New bonus time event added, for 1 hour will increase 20% exp, 20% drop 20% zen.
– Lorencia with Ring has been added
– Bug that allowed only 3 sockets has been fixed now can up to 5 sockets
– Added Nars Map
– Added Urk Map
– Added Ferea Map
– Map Nixies Lake Added
– Added Swamp of Darkness Map
– Map Kubera Mine Added
– Spots for all new maps added
– Boss Lord of Ferea event added
– Event Boss Nix Added
– Event Boss God of Darkness Added
– Lord Silvester Event Added
– Core Magriffy Event Added
– Bloodangel set added for all classes
– Darkangel set added for all classes
– Set Holyangel added for all classes
– Set Awakening added for all classes
– Blue Eye Set added for all classes
– All Added Blessed Divine Weapons
– All Added BloodAngel Guns with Effects
– Various bug fixes for level or other errors
– Attack of new forama items changed and was very close to the original
– Fix Sphere Lv4 and 5
– Added spots to Deep Dungeon Maps
– Added Spots mini-map markings
– Map Improvements Swamp of Darkness
– Map Improvements on Nixies Lake
– Graphical Improvements on the Kubera Mine map
– Fixed message when unable to enter Chaos Castle
– Added and fixed Custom Jewelry system
– Added Acheron Bosses
– Added item mix to create Blessed weapons.
– Added item mix for Blood Angel Set creation
– Added item mix for Dark Angel Set creation
– Added item mix for Dark Angel weapon creation
– Added item mix for Holy Angel Set creation
– Added item mix for Holy Angel weapon creation
– Added item mix for Awakening Set creation
– Added Awakening Weapon mix item
– Added mix item for Blye Eye Set creation
– Added and fixed Custom Jewelry system
– Added Acheron Bosses
– New Font for Game
– All Blue Eye Weapons Added with Effects
– Set Silver Heart ancient same as original
– Added mix item for Blye Eye weapon creation
– Added mix item for Silver Heart Set creation
– Added new Wing of Power
– Added new Mobs
– Fix for Rage Fighter Class master skill tree
– Book of Bloodangel added
– Book of Darkangel added
– Book of Holyangel added
– Book of Soul added
– Blue Eye Book added
– Color enhancement for Blood Angel sets equal to original
– Color enhancement for original Holy Angel sets
– Color Enhancement for Original Awakening Sets
– Added Npc The Nixies’ Spirit original bug-free
– Added Gates Red and Blue to Nars
– Added Gates Red and Blue to Urk Mountain
– Added Red and Blue Gates to Ferea
– Added Gates to Nixies Lake
– Boss Lord Silvester Attack and AI Improvements
– Boss Core Magriffy Attack and AI Improvements
– Boss Lord Ferea’s Attack and AI Improvements
– Boss Nix Attack and AI Improvements
– Boss Lord of Darkness Attack and AI Improvements
– The Battle Royale Drop event has been redone, much more complete and more dynamic

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