Update 5/20/2019

Today we performed some work on Gameserver files, working out inconsistencies in settings:

  • Character Based Settings –
    Character Class Damage Rate Settings
    Character Class vs Class Damage Rate Settings
    Character Combo Skill Damage Settings
    Character Damage Settings
    Character Elemental Damage Rate Settings
    Character Class Elemental Damage Rate Settings

  • Item Durability Settings –

  • Potion Rate Settings –
    Small Potion
    Medium Potion
    Large Potion
    Small Shield Potion
    Meduim Shield Potion
    Large Shield Potion
    Small Complex Potion
    Medium Complex Potion
    Elite Life Potion

  • Skill Settings –
    Greater Defense Skill
    Greater Damage Skill
    Greater Life Skill
    Stern Skill
    Drain Life Skill
    Reflect Damage Skill
    Lesser Defense Skill
    Lesser Damage Skill
    Shield Recover Skill
    Party Heal Skill

  • Command
    Disabled /offpvp

We also disabled the following custom events, due to bugs:

  • Battle Royale Event
  • Guild vs Guild Event
  • Team vs Team Event
  • Kill All PVP Event
  • 1 vs 1 PVP Event
  • Russian Roulette Event
  • Run and Catch Event
  • Hide and Seek Event
  • Quickly Event
  • ReiDo Mu Event

Reconnecting/Random DC/main.exe Crash Error

We believe we might have fixed the disconnecting, reconnecting and main.exe crash (Please send stack_########_####.log to Server Admin) after successfully testing for over 3 hours today. However, if the issue persists, please notify the MuWar GM/Administration team.


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