New GM Event!


A brand new GM Event is about to start and is hosted by GM Andrens!

GM will spawn a monster in game, that looks like a regular “Bull” from Lorencia, but has different names and appears in all maps!
You must find and kill them to collect a special item (Rare Item Ticket 1). Collect as many as you can and then give them to GM to receive your prize!

Monster spawns at (Server Time):
+/- 12:00
+/- 18/00
+/- 23:00

Event will begin on Monday August 26th – Thursday August 29th!

Collect as many Rare Item Ticket 1 as possible and give them to any GM between Friday August 30th and Sunday September 1st.

Prizes Include:
2x Rare Item Ticket = 1 Custom Jewel of Player’s Choice!
Top 3 winners of most Tickets collected:
1st = 15,000 WebZen
2nd = 10,000 WebZen
3rd = 7,500 WebZen

Winners will be posted on the website every week!


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