It’s time for another big event!
All you need to do is to be online and when you see “GameMaster is online“, just say Hello (GM_Nick) in post.
– For example /post Hello Andrens –
So easy! Just be online regularly because GM can show up whenever!
There are only a few rules:
Event will start 23.09.2019, at 00:00 (Server time) and end at 29.09.2019 23:59 (Server time).
The first one who says “Hello GM” will get one point!
1 point for 1 hour!
For Example GM Andrens come online at 13:24 and someone says “Hello Andrens” and next time between 13:00 to 14:00 can’t get points!
Only 3 GM – Appolo, Peace and Andrens.
Max points from one GM in 24h is 6.
Winners will be announced and awarded on Monday (30.09.2019).

1st – 20kwz
2nd – 15kwz
3rd – 10kwz

  • all who get some points get 200 bonus Goblin Points (200GP x #points)!
    If have some more question skype – kaspis4080 or Dicord (Website > About Server > Join MuWar Channel / )

MuWar GM Team


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