New server options added


We prepare to open server based on Crafting and Easy PVP playing.
Server is OPEN. Account registration is OPEN.

To access server use v.1.60.03  client from downloads and one of following username/password: test3, test4, test5, test6, test7

Follow the updates 🙂


Game client creating 100%
Game client auto update system creating 100%
Tuning PVP 100%
Tuning PVM 100%
Setting up in-game shops 100%
Setting up in-game spots 100%
Tuning item drop from mobs 100%
Tuning zen drop from mobs 100%
Tuning reward drop from bosses 75%
Tuning reward drop from boxes 80%
Tuning Wcoin reward from events 95%
New website setting up 100%
Advanced firewall setting up 100%
Speedhack protection added 100%
Setting up custom weapons and armors 100%
Add unique glow for custom weapons and armors 100%